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The Coachwood

The Cedarwood

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The Yarra

The Stuart

We know you want your new home design to wow your friends and neighbours, fit within your budget and offer that unbeatable feeling of home ownership.

SmoothStart is the first home builder that can help you to achieve those goals. We have a wide range of house elevation and floorplan options available so you can rest easy knowing there will be a home design that suits your lifestyle. What’s more, our new home designs have been specifically developed to cater to Perth’s most popular block requirements.

At SmoothStart you are building with WA’s third largest home development group. Because we know WA, we know the design guidelines and local government requirements well. All of our home designs are made to Western Australian standards, either the double brick or frame construction methods.

SmoothStart also has a wide range of House and Land packages available to get you into your own home. Talk to us today about how we can get you started.